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2019 / 02 / 01 Press release | News

Lithuanian National Drama Theater: Young Artist Program Commences!

For the first time, the Lithuanian National Drama Theater has organized an international program for young artists. Of the 38 applicants, three winners were selected, who will present their theatrical ideas to the Lithuanian audience in the spring of 2019. Approximately half of all submitted applications were from abroad: artists from Cuba, USA, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, France, Kazakhstan, India, Czech Republic, Greece, Norway, Finland and Lithuania submitted their ideas for theater productions.
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2018 / 06 / 27 Press release | News

Open Call for Young and Emerging Theatre Makers

Lithuanian National Drama Theatre invites young artists (under 35) of various artistic fields to present ideas for contemporary performative and interdisciplinary arts platform. Applicants are expected to fit into a limited budget (up to 15 000 eur) and time-frame (6 weeks for production, projects released first half of 2019) and to address one of the topics discussed below. We are looking for ambitious, convention-breaking, current-trends-questioning, interdisciplinary projects from young and emerging artists from around the world.
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2018 / 04 / 12 Press release | News

„Tartuffe“ selected for the Avignon festival

Last week, one of the oldest and most famous theater festivals, Festival d’Avignon revealed its program for 2018. During the press conference it was officially announced that on July 17-21, 2018, LNDT’s production Tartuffe, directed by Oskaras Koršunovas, will be played at the Opera Confluence Hall.
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2018 / 03 / 19 Press release | News

On the Stage of LNDT - five stories about the search for a new homeland

On November 25, five immigrants living in Lithuania will tell their stories to theatergoers for the first time. A small business owner from Afghanistan who has not seen his wife and children for four years, two members of the Russian opposition, a Muslim student from Turkey, and a love migrant from Lebanon are the main characters of the play Dreamland by the Lithuanian National Drama Theater.
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2017 / 11 / 02 Press release | News

“#noschoolbell” will remind grownups how the school smells and let the children see it from a different angle

On October 30 at the Salomėja Nėris Gymnasium in Vilnius, the latest show of the Lithuanian National Drama Theater “#noschoolbell” was presented to the media. Paulius Tamolė, the director of the performance based on the play by a young playwright Augustas Sireikis, and his team aim to highlight the challenges faced by the education system, to convey individual experiences, and to bring back the smell of the school and the thrill of exams to adults.
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2017 / 10 / 17 Press release | News

LNDT’s discount program for large families is joined by the Philharmonic and the “Skalvija” Cinema Center

Last year, the Lithuanian National Drama Theater introduced the Large Family Card. This new offer for large families gave a 50% discount on tickets to LNDT performances. This year, the Lithuanian National Philharmonic and the “Skalvija” Cinema Center have joined the initiative, so from now on families with three or more children under 18 will be able to get cheaper tickets not only to theater performances but also to classical music concerts and film screenings.
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2017 / 10 / 06 Press release | News

In October - even three international tours

Recently, the Lithuanian National Drama Theater has intensified its international tours. Three international tours of the LNDT are scheduled for October this year. The creative team of “Boris Godunov” has already gone to Gdansk, where on October 6 this performance will be shown at the Gdansk Shakespeare Theater during the Lithuanian week in Gdansk.
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2017 / 09 / 25 Press release | News

"Tartuffe" will mock prudishness

On September 27 and 28, Tartuffe by Molière will premiere at the Lithuanian National Drama Theater. Speaking about the upcoming performance, its director Oskaras Koršunovas, says that directing comedy is a most difficult task, but with this comedy he and his team expect to bring Dionysian laughter back to the theater.
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2017 / 09 / 18 Press release | News

Interview with Łukasz Twarkowski

Daiva Šabasevičienė

"When Martynas Budraitis and I first talked about “Lokis” as the starting material for the work at the Lithuanian National Drama Theater, I was mostly interested in the artistic quality of the story and a possibility of creating a psychological thriller in a theater. However, after reading the text several times I realized it was not enough. All of a sudden I came up with so many questions and topics. The relationship with the author became stronger, and the map of his text opened previously unknown spaces to us." - says LOKIS director Łukasz Twarkowski
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2017 / 09 / 10 Press release | News

LNDT begins its new season with the search for truth in LOKIS

The Lithuanian National Drama Theater presented its 78th season in the theater lobby, in front of a large canvas, informing that the construction of the new national SPA is under way. The noise of construction work could be heard in the lobby. In this manner the theater presented its new season called AFTER THE DEATH OF TRUTH.
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