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2017 / 10 / 17 Press release | News

LNDT’s discount program for large families is joined by the Philharmonic and the “Skalvija” Cinema Center

Last year, the Lithuanian National Drama Theater introduced the Large Family Card. This new offer for large families gave a 50% discount on tickets to LNDT performances. This year, the Lithuanian National Philharmonic and the “Skalvija” Cinema Center have joined the initiative, so from now on families with three or more children under 18 will be able to get cheaper tickets not only to theater performances but also to classical music concerts and film screenings.
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2017 / 10 / 06 Press release | News

In October - even three international tours

Recently, the Lithuanian National Drama Theater has intensified its international tours. Three international tours of the LNDT are scheduled for October this year. The creative team of “Boris Godunov” has already gone to Gdansk, where on October 6 this performance will be shown at the Gdansk Shakespeare Theater during the Lithuanian week in Gdansk.
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2017 / 09 / 25 Press release | News

"Tartuffe" will mock prudishness

On September 27 and 28, Tartuffe by Molière will premiere at the Lithuanian National Drama Theater. Speaking about the upcoming performance, its director Oskaras Koršunovas, says that directing comedy is a most difficult task, but with this comedy he and his team expect to bring Dionysian laughter back to the theater.
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2017 / 09 / 18 Press release | News

Interview with Łukasz Twarkowski

Daiva Šabasevičienė

"When Martynas Budraitis and I first talked about “Lokis” as the starting material for the work at the Lithuanian National Drama Theater, I was mostly interested in the artistic quality of the story and a possibility of creating a psychological thriller in a theater. However, after reading the text several times I realized it was not enough. All of a sudden I came up with so many questions and topics. The relationship with the author became stronger, and the map of his text opened previously unknown spaces to us." - says LOKIS director Łukasz Twarkowski
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2017 / 09 / 10 Press release | News

LNDT begins its new season with the search for truth in LOKIS

The Lithuanian National Drama Theater presented its 78th season in the theater lobby, in front of a large canvas, informing that the construction of the new national SPA is under way. The noise of construction work could be heard in the lobby. In this manner the theater presented its new season called AFTER THE DEATH OF TRUTH.
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2017 / 06 / 16 Press release | News

On the stage of LNDT - true stories from the youngest city in Lithuania

Theater makers from the Lithuanian National Drama Theater can more and more often be spotted in the streets and various cultural spaces of Visaginas. In May, the theater will present the last premiere of the season – the play “Green Meadow” based on true stories of workers of the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant that is currently in the process of decommissioning, and residents of Visaginas. This will be LNDT’s first attempt in documentary theater, where real life stories are narrated by their owners rather than by actors. Rimantas Ribačiauskas, the person behind the idea of “Green Meadow” and one of the authors of its concept and text, says that Visaginas has a unique aura and problems of its residents are not alien to any Lithuanian.
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2016 / 09 / 12 Press release | News

LNDT's HEROES SQUARE in Avignon - Triumph of Lithuanian actors in Lupa's latest masterpiece

The Lithuanian National Drama Theater has started its 77th season. Apart from the premieres, the theater also presents to the audience its most celebrated production of 2015 – “Heroes Square”. This summer, LNDT production participated in one of the largest and oldest international theater festivals – the Avignon Festival. In total, in the Vedène theatre the performance was shown six times. Krystian Lupa’s direction and the Lithuanian actors fascinated both the audience and French theater critics.
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