WOYZECK. By Georg Büchner Premiere

  • Director

    Antanas OBCARSKAS

  • Duration

    1 h 30 min (one act)

  • Stage

    Second Stage

  • Premiere date

    June 1, 2018


Director Antanas Obcarskas: Woyzeck’s life is an example of total administration going from generation to generation, from system to system. Woyzeck’s poverty continues to walk among us, and numerous Woyzecks are still shaving their captains, eating “healthful” food prescribed to them, tormenting their beloveds, although they are merely slaves to their desires. Woyzecks behave in ways that befit their status, cults and fashions. However, some of them feel that this is not enough to make them a true (albeit wretched) person. Some Woyzecks long for being real, but are unable to articulate it and break through the grip of total administration. Hordes of new Woyzecks keep on breaking down and dying. Hours and minutes pass, and the Woyzecks are becoming more and more submissive to the order, which finds new ways to interbreed people with machines. The Woyzecks’ hearts are replaced by the motors of regularity, dictating a tireless rhythm of life based on “the need”.

“The need” is an invisible rope that connects and ruins millions of Woyzecks who are trying to discover their authenticity. The circumstances, tools, weapons, and time perceptions change, but the essence of the Woyzecks’ situations remains the same, because an anxious, doubtful, unsuccessful person remains the greatest engine and the thickest layer of mankind.

The real Woyzeck (his name was Johann Christian) was a barber-soldier who killed the mother of his son with a knife. On that fateful day, Woyzeck grabbed a knife, but the present can offer the modern Woyzeck more powerful tools. A knife, a pistol, a steering-wheel, an atomic bomb may fall into the hands of a banal jaded Woyzeck feeling the need to prove his authenticity at any cost. The most common daily routine becomes a deadly threat.

The Woyzeck of today is standing in an airport terminal. He is about to board the March 24, 2015 Germanwings flight Nо. 9525 from Barcelona to Düsseldorf.” 

Georg Büchner is considered one of the most talented and progressive playwrights in Germany. His plays have long been established in the classical repertoire. Despite his premature death, Büchner left a very deep imprint in German culture and theater dramaturgy. The most important literary award in Germany (Georg-Büchner-Preis) is named after George Buchner. Woyzeck is perhaps the most significant play of the author. The narrative of the play is based on historical material, i.e. a real-life story, and although the play is incomplete and fragmented, the story told is a timeless expose of a dehumanized person’s situation. The creators of the performance at LNDT chose a conceptual approach to the text (translation) of the play, and based their narrative on the story of the pilot Andreas Lubitz of Germanwings.


  • February 02 (Sat), 16:00 Second Stage

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  • Director — Antanas OBCARSKAS
  • Playwright — Laurynas ADOMAITIS
  • Designers — random heroes
  • Costume designers — Juozas VALENTA, Flore VAUVILLÉ
  • Composer — Rolandas VENCKYS
  • Producer — Vidas BIZUNEVIČIUS
  • Consultant — Audrius POCIUS
  • Director assistant — Mindaugas JUSČIUS



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