Performances with surtitles

We are happy to announce that the following productions will be surtitled in English:


10th May 19:00 „Sad Songs from the Heart of Europe“ (director K. Smeds);

12th May 16:00 „Dreamland“ (director M. Jančiauskas);

23rd May 18:30 „Tartuffe“ (director O. Koršunovas);

26th May 18:30 „Heroe's Square“ (director K. Lupa);

30th May 18:30 „Three Sisters“ (director Y. Ross);

31st May 18:30 „Our Class“ (director Y. Ross);

6th June 19:00 „Sad Songs from the Heart of Europe“ (director K. Smeds);

12th June d. 18:30 „Lokis“ (director L. Twarkowski);

13th June d. 18:30 „Lokis“ (director L. Twarkowski).



* In order to ensure the best visibility of the surtitles, we highly recommend the seats in the circle (amfiteatras).



For more information please contact:

Ada Paukštytė
Head of Customer Service and Touring Department
Tel.: +370 607 59 818