Why are most of us still so constrained, trying to meet society’s expectations and afraid of those who dare to express themselves freely and behave differently than the majority expects from them? Isn’t this why we are afraid of others because we do not know them, and we do not want to know, because it would mean changing our perspective and asking ourselves how much our views are shaped by values, and how much – by stereotypes imposed on us?

Actor, dancer and a queer culture representative from Poland, Maciej Gośniowski-Gąsiu (one of the winners of the LNDT Young Creator Program Competition) invites all those who are interested in the subject of individual freedom to meet and talk about how our society could become more open and diverse.

Poland and Lithuania are among the most homophobic countries in the European Union (Poland ranks second, Lithuania – third). Why are we still so intolerant to people who look different, and whose opinion about gender and sexuality is different than ours? Together with a creative group from Lithuania and Poland, Maciej poses a great challenge to himself to change the situation with his new performance Borderline Queen. Revenge.

Drawing inspiration from Edwin A. Abbott’s book Flatland, the creators of the performance will talk about the identity and place of the queer individual in well-established hierarchical structures: cultural, social, or sexual. Does the appearance of someone different pose a threat to society or perhaps it can stimulate new positive processes, such as an evolution, growth, and openness?

The director will give a vivid and extravagant performance that will allow the audience to get a glimpse of the queer culture, to see an exuberant drag performance and to learn more about the challenges faced by members of this community. Maciej Gośniowski-Gąsiu has purposefully chosen the club space of the culture bar “Kablys” rather than the theater premises for this performance so the audience is free to move, buy drinks, dance and have fun in the Skatepark hall.

“Queer is a culture of freedom. It is a way of thinking about gender as a not only biological box we are living in, given us in the moment of fertilization (which anyway is not so strict as we are thinking, even biological), but about expression of who are we feeling in that moment. Queer can be cis-sexual, can be genderless, can play with ways of expressing our roles in society. Queer is open for everyone – no matter the gender, origin, age, religion etc. If you are open for other human beings, Queer is open for you. But why Revenge? Because I cannot stand when people are judging each other because of the way they are expressing themselves. I disagree with the situation that people are feeling that they are better, just because they are white, straight or cis-sexual,” says the director of the performance.

The creative team will invite viewers to take part in an eccentric party, go on an adventure, get rid of stereotypes, discover the diverse and colorful drag and queer cultures, raise questions about forms of gender expression, and expand the concept of individual freedom. In Lithuania the performance will take place only twice – on June 5 and June 6.

In Borderline Queen. Revenge the audience will see prominent queer culture representatives from Poland, KaKatharsis and Twoja Stara, as well as the Lithuanian artists who passed the selection in Vilnius: Gytis Ivanauskas, Denisas Kolomyckis and Brigida Gruodytė.



  • Concept author and director — Maciej GOŚNIOWSKI-GĄSIU
  • Playwright — Łukasz GAZUR



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