Dovilė Zavedskaitė. ORFEO. CITY LIGHTS

  • Director

    Naubertas JASINSKAS

  • Duration

    1 h 15 min

  • Stage

    Second Stage

  • Premiere date

    25 April, 2019


Director Naubertas Jasinskas and playwright Dovilė Zavedskaitė, “The myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, the story of a Swedish DJ Avicii and our own experiences have ledus to the subject of immobility. The creative process began from understanding that most of us seem to be stuck, as if we were not spreading a dynamic, lively sound, but a boring repetitive motive. We started to analyze why we can’t move from where we are stuck and help ourselves. Therefore, in the performance there are many attempts to observe, to notice ourselves, to turn around, to take ourselves from where it is scary.”

The main source of immobility in the performance is the inability to reconcile with someone else’s death you feel responsible for. We used the cognitive psychology method to create the action – the rewriting of memories that we transform into the surreal language of the theater. The entire performance is a fragmented, dreamy journey across Eurydice’s thought maps, trying to grasp the feelings of Orpheus and transform the agonizing pain for what has happened.

“Orfeo. City Lights” balances between an attempt to talk and the understanding that the conversation will never take place. The shadow of the myth is filled with the self-destruction of modern man and the emotional states supported with documentary stories of one of the most talented DJs.

This performance is part of the Young Theater Artist Program implemented by the Lithuanian National Drama Theater. Naubertas Jasinskas, a student at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater (studied directing with Jonas Vaitkus and Yana Ross), presented the idea of a contemporary interpretation of the Orpheus myth to the jury, revealing the tragedy of today’s youth. Naubertas became one of the three winners of this competition. His idea will premiere on stage on April 25th.


  • Director — Naubertas JASINSKAS
  • Playwright — Dovilė ZAVEDSKAITĖ
  • Designer — Lina ŽIDONYTĖ
  • Composer — Diopo NDUGU
  • Choreographer — Airida GUDAITĖ
  • Video designer — Kornelijus JAROŠEVIČIUS
  • Light designer — Vilius VILUTIS
  • Director assistant — Regina GARUOLYTĖ



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