DREAMLAND, director Mantas Jančiauskas Premiere

  • Director


  • Duration

    1 h 15 min

  • Stage

    Second Stage

  • Premiere date

    25th November, 2017


In the 78th season of the LNDT, the play about migration best reflects the season’s slogan “After the Death of Truth”. Today it is hardly possible to find a topic in Europe, including Lithuania, that is manipulated more than “the refugee crisis”. This is done to attract readers, gain more votes or consolidate one’s popular image.

Lithuania, having formally agreed with the quotas of the European Union and allowing refugee families to enter the country, loses most of them immediately after the integration process. Unable to find a job in Lithuania, feeling the hostility of the public, or simply wishing  to reunite with their family members scattered across Europe, these people leave our country on legally rented buses or illegally, with the help of smugglers.

The play Dreamland began as a reaction of a young team of artists to this problem. A documentary theater sketch Arrivals/Departures, a common project of the Arts Agency ARTSCAPE and the LNDT, was presented at the LNDT Studio in November 2016. At its core – information collected during an artistic research carried out at the Pabradė Foreigners’ Registration Center, internet articles from Lithuania and abroad, politicians’ speeches and videos.

When collecting material and talking to immigrants living in Lithuania, it turned out that it would not be enough to just include politics and quotations into to play. Because if we call the truth dead and consider its multiple images in the kingdom of distorting mirrors of  mass media as the cause of its death, then theatrical games with these mirrors can be nothing but reflections of the interpretations.

“The media cannot change the stereotypes. If you are against Muslims, you will remain hostile to them unless you see them right before you,” says one participant of Dreamland. The need for the theater to become a venue for real encounters is growing every day. Perhaps the theater can become a place that will help change the stereotypes and revive the truth.

Therefore, for the second time the stage of the LNDT will be given to real people playing themselves. This time – immigrants from the Middle East, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Russia, who live in Lithuania. Some of them are refugees, whose freedom or even lives were saved by their refuge in Lithuania, others are economic migrants, migrants of love, or students. Almost all of them say that here they do not have any friends. What’s more, people often cross the street so they do not have to pass by them. Apartment landlords hang up on them as soon as they hear their nationality. Nevertheless, these people are grateful to God, Allah or fortune for being in Lithuania, for the rainy autumn and the peaceful flow of the Neris.

All these people are different, but they have something in common: their arrival in Lithuania, was a turning point that intensified the past, drowned the future in the haze of uncertainty, and transformed the present into a constant state of weightlessness. The state of being both here and there at the same time. Or not really being anywhere.

People who have been migrants themselves may be familiar with this condition. Neither will it be strange to people who are unable to do what they really want to do in their lives, unable to find the right occupation. Those who do not feel love or loved. However, it is felt the strongest by people who realize that what they left behind has changed irreversibly, and that there is simply no place to come back to. It is precisely this state that the creators of the play are trying to pinpoint. Is it possible to get used to it, to live with it? To break free from it? Where is this Dreamland: the place they came from or the place they are going to? Inside one’s soul? Does it even exist?

Dreamland is a play about migration: not as it is defined in dictionaries and encyclopedias, but as it is experienced by real people.


Co-producer of the performance: Arts Agency ARTSCAPE

Special thanks from the creative group to: Guoda Dusevičiūtė, Matas Grubliauskas, Elzė Gudavičiūtė, Raimonda Lebelionytė, Svetlana Matulevičienė, Vytautas Matulevičius, Gintautas Mažeikis, Egdūnas Račius, Marius Repšys, Vytautas Sinica, Ilma Skuodienė, Aistė Ulubey, Karolis Žibas, students of the first year of the LMTA (led by Oskaras Koršunovas).


  • Text authors — Rimantas RIBAČIAUSKAS, Kristina SAVICKIENĖ
  • Director — Mantas JANČIAUSKAS
  • Designer — Lauryna LIEPAITĖ
  • Composer — Agnė MATULEVIČIŪTĖ
  • Video designer — Aneta BUBLYTĖ, Aivaras LIGEIKA
  • 3D animation designer — Aivaras LIGEIKA



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