• Director

    Vytautas RUMŠAS

  • Duration

    2 h 30 min (two acts)

  • Stage

    Second Stage

  • Premiere date

    February 13, 2016


Translated from Swedish by Zita MAŽEIKAITĖ


The performance is based on the novel of the same title written by the famous and highly influential Swedish theatre and cinema director Ingmar Bergman.  Bergman chose the story of his parents as the focus of the book. It’s a story of passion, which leads to a catastrophe in Anna and Henrik’s lives. This “strange Swedish love novel” allows readers to recognize many things, find ideas similar to those in their own lives,  and check their views on truth, lies and secret of confessions.

Unhappy in her marriage, Anna confesses to her spiritual guide, uncle Jacob, about her sin: she has fallen in love with a student of theology and has been unfaithful to her husband. Pastor Jacob urges her to confess her sins to her husband and to leave her lover, regardless of the fact that her love to him is unconditional. It’s her duty as a believer, he explains, to her loved ones and to herself. Being in love for the first time in her life, Anna feels no remorse for being involved in a forbidden relationship. But why then is she crying while looking into the eyes of a man who has listened to her most intimate confessions throughout her whole life? It is something no other man in her life has done: it is the gift of true friendship. Ingmar Bergman wrote this piece based on his mother’s diaries. With no guilty conscience and the eye of a researcher, he probes into his parents’ story and leaves no space for adulation.


  • Author of adaptation and director — Vytautas RUMŠAS
  • Designer — Virginija IDZELYTĖ
  • Composer — Antanas KUČINSKAS



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