PRIMORDIAL. A Sense Theatre performance based on C. G. Jung's biography and ideas. Premiere

  • Director

    Karolina ŽERNYTĖ

  • Duration

    1 h 30 min (one act)

  • Stage


  • Premiere date

    December 8, 2016

  • Unfortunatelly it is not suitable for people with reduced mobility


Performance staged in cooperation with Sense Theatre

The play draws its inspiration from C. G. Jung’s ideas about the conscious and subconscious mind and archetypes. According to Jung, the mythological content of the unconscious manifests itself the strongest through dreams and has no conscious explanation. The way the unconscious mind works and its content are suitable material for the theatre of the senses. The situations and experiences experienced through the senses of the viewer appear and disappear without explanation, as in a dream. Like in a dream, the viewer receives information and reflects on it through experiences and states.

The performance uses different theatrical spaces, physically corresponding to the theories of the layers of the conscious and subconscious mind. The set design consists of materials used in Jungian therapy (sand etc.) and items from Jung’s memoires. The aim of the creative team was to create the right space, atmosphere and conditions for the viewer-participant to face their own personal mythology, and to promote self-analysis. For the therapeutic measures used in the play to be relevant and manageable, experts of Jungian analytical psychology are consulted during the whole process.

The theme of C. G. Jung’s biography and theory of archetypes emerged in Karolina Žernytė’s work as a natural continuation of her explorations of the theatre of the senses. She began exploring the archetypes of ancient Lithuanian mythology through physically experiencing them in the performance “Stone Water Sting”. Later, when working on the play “Tense is Sense”, the director included memories and dreams in her thematic field. Žernytė has discovered that the technique of the theatre of the senses allows the viewer-participant to authentically and organically submerge in the atmosphere of a dream and study its structure.

In the sensorial play “Primordial”, the position of the sightless viewer is shifted. In the course of development of the theatre of the senses, the viewer has evolved into a physically active participant who follows instructions. “Primordial” intends to allow the viewers-participants not only to respond to provocations, but also to become co-creators of the performance. The participants will have the opportunity to physically express their inner states using a variety of objects and materials, and even the actors as tools.


  • Director — Karolina ŽERNYTĖ
  • Playwright — Jaunius PISARAVIČIUS
  • Designer — Šarūnė PEČIUKONYTĖ
  • Consultant-Psychologist — Elona ILGIUVIENĖ



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