• Director

    Saara TURUNEN

  • Duration

    1 h 30 min (one act)

  • Stage

    New Stage

  • Premiere date

    April 24, 2014


Translation from Finnish by Aida KRILAVIČIENĖ


A representative of the modern Finnish dramaturgy, Saara Turunen was born in 1981 in Easter Finland. Having graduated the Theatre Academy Helsinki, the young creator now works as both a playwright and director in various Finnish and foreign theatres. Saara Turunen is known for her straight, sometimes even brusque writing style. The topics of her interest – feminine nature, sexuality and art – she analyses using a peculiar and provocative style of theatrical language. Turunen’s plays perfectly incorporate playfulness and aggression. The fantasy world of fairy-tales and the synthetic world of modern pop-culture collide in the same time and space.

Broken Heart Story is a story about art and love. The surrounding world is firstly analyzed through the inner reality of the character. The play discuses questions of identity and choice, and searches for ways to find happiness. It does not offer answers or advice, on the contrary, it presents a poetic, absurd image, full of questions. The form of the text was influenced not only by the American pop-cultures, but also by the concept of learning theatre (Lehrstücke) by Bertold Brecht, and the search for a direct contact with the audience. Nevertheless, the melancholic world of the play is overwhelmed by humour and easiness when cracking the essential questions of life. The naïve style of the Broken Heart Story hides an assessment of the modern society, first and foremost revealed by female characters. 


  • Director — Saara TURUNEN
  • Author of light and video projections — Ville SEPPÄNEN
  • Set adaptor and costume designer — Simona BIEKŠAITĖ
  • Composers — Rita MAČILIŪNAITĖ, Karolis DRĖMA



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