• Director

    Jonas TERTELIS

  • Duration

    1 hour 30 min

  • Stage

    Second Stage

  • Premiere date

    March 16, 2018


What do you know about the Lithuanian periphery? When were you there? What have you heard about Šalčininkai and Šalčininkai Region? You think they speak Polish and vote for the Polish party? It’s on the border, so it faces all the border problems, including smuggling? Is it where the highest place in Lithuania is located? Many Belarusians. What else? You may have heard about the beautiful Dieveniškės appendix, which was formed when Stalin put his pipe on the map and  nobody dared to take it off? Car accidents are common there. Very common.

“Soon after we started working on the performance, we agreed on the most relevant, to our understanding, themes and leitmotifs that we had picked up from TV, the internet and daily life, and decided to “step into the Šalčia River”. We went to Šalčininkai feeling proud of ourselves and ready to hear and capture the most interesting and colorful stories about the language spoken by the locals, the strong Polish diaspora, the history of the region, the border, smuggling, the emergence of national conflicts and local joys.

In Šalčininkai, we did not look for sensations or provocations, we did not insist on having things our way – we collected various stories, organized workshops for people of all ages, and tried to find out about life in the part of Lithuania so little known to the rest of the country.

Towards the end of the creative process, after we spent quite some time not only in the town of Šalčininkai itself but also exploring the vicinity, after we encountered the hospitality of the local people, their somewhat southern temperament, their perception of honor and dignity, many preconceived ideas we’d had were dispelled. Where we had been looking for exclusivity, we found a completely ordinary, Lithuanian pace of life, and where we had not expected to find anything special, we discovered mystical and uncanny, almost Twin Peaksian, everyday life” (Andrius Jevsejevas).

“We found a region that has its own heroes, tragedies, social challenges, controversies and carefully expressed joys. Who could be interested in all this? At first sight, there is nothing special about the place, except maybe the people’s infinite love for their birthplace and religion, the desire to return, to build their life there and romanticize their history. Separate stories, fragments, facts cannot create a generalized picture of Šalčininkai, but their totality forms a different and somewhat surreal image and atmosphere of a peripheral Lithuanian town, which we have tried to convey to the audience of the future performance. For the sake of actuality, we are using only real stories told by the people of Šalčininkai. This performance is not only about Šalčininkai, the Lithuanian periphery, or the periphery of Europe, it is also about the feeling of reality in a place where time flows completely differently.” (Jonas Tertelis)


Sponsor of the performance:


  • Director — Jonas TERTELIS
  • Text authors — Andrius JEVSEJEVAS, Eglė VITKUTĖ
  • Designer — Paulė BOCULLAITĖ
  • Composer — Martynas BIALOBŽESKIS
  • Light designer — Matas ŠIMONIS
  • Director assistant — Giedrė KRIAUČIONYTĖ-VOSYLIENĖ
  • Director's Assistant — Antanas OBCARSKAS



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