THREE SISTERS. By Anton Chekhov

  • Director

    Yana ROSS

  • Duration

    2 h 20 min (two acts)

  • Stage

    Main Stage

  • Premiere date

    March 17, 2017


Translated from Russian by Juozas APUTIS 

Director Yana Ross: “A couple of years ago, sitting in a cafe in Vilnius, I witnessed an interesting scene: a company of officers (Polish pilots) entered the café arm in arm with beautiful Lithuanian girls. They ate, danced, laughed, and for some reason it reminded me of Europe before the Second World War, when the army was mobilized, international military exercises as well as international love affairs took place... I felt that Chekhov wrote about it barely more than a decade before the First World War, when the situation in Europe was very similar to the one we have today.

The play Three Sisters is inseparable from Chekhov’s theatrical oeuvre. To me it seems as if he wrote one endless play. The same theme, the same characters only different names, all concerned with our very fragile and short existence on this planet and the degree of courage we have to take responsibility for one conscious second, called life.

Chekhov looks at the past very pragmatically and cynically. When, for example, one of the characters says that two hundred years later people will be different, it sounds like a doctor’s irony. Human memory is short, and if a person does not experience certain things, they will not be able to learn from the past. It is very convenient to blame the current generation and time, and talk nostalgically about the past when things were slower, more courteous and cheaper... But it is an unmasking of the old culture, a generation gap that Chekhov highlights.

Chekhov had no illusions about human nature. He looked at every stage of life very soberly, analyzing and cutting the abscess in the soul as a good surgeon.”


  • Director — Yana ROSS
  • Set designer — Simona BIEKŠAITĖ
  • Music by — Yana ROSS
  • Video designer — Algirdas GRADAUSKAS
  • Light designer — Vilius VILUTIS



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