Virginija Rimkaitė. BOILING TEMPERATURE 5425


The creators of the new performance “Boiling Temperature 5425” (directed by Giedrė Kriaučionytė-Vosylienė), had a close look at family life to ask what is our boiling temperature, how much madness can we endure?

In the center of the performance – a typical family living in a typical apartment building. More than anything they would like to be normal, like everyone else, but after surviving a train crash their son is confined to a wheelchair. He doesn’t speak or eat and only plays the piano. A normal family life is suddenly interrupted by a man who asks to rent one of the rooms in their apartment. So their life begins to change in very unexpected ways.

The creators of the absurd comedy raise questions about the relationship between normality and abnormality, the flaws of the consumerist society, “standardized” lives, and complexes formed by Soviet ideology still present in our society. Why is our perception of normality still so narrow, and what happens when we try to become normal at any cost?

The performance is based on the eponymous play by Virginija Rimkaitė, which was presented at the LNDT dramaturgy festival “Versmė” (Fountain). The starting point of the play was the story of the classical mythological hero Tantalus: after insulting the gods, he was banished to the underworld and condemned to eternal thirst and hunger. In other words, the gods deprived Tantalus of the opportunity to consume, and that was his eternal suffering – the fruit tree would raise its branches whenever he reached for the fruit and the water receded before he could even get a drink. The playwright suggests that perhaps consumerism is the hell of modern days. The number 5425 symbolizes an extremely high temperature, in which the metal tantalum melts. So what is the boiling temperature of the modern Tantalus, what heat can he endure?


  • Set designer — Antanas DUBRA
  • Costume designer — Morta NAKAITĖ
  • Light designer — Vilius VILUTIS
  • Director's Assistant — Mindaugas JUSČIUS



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