Vytautas V. Landsbergis.THE BUNKER


Fragments of music by Dmitri Shostakovich are featured in the play

When writing the play, Vytautas V. Landsbergis used the diaries and letters written by Lithuanian partisan leaders Lionginas Baliukevičius-Dzūkas, Adolfas Ramanauskas-Vanagas, and Juozas Lukša-Daumantas, as well as excerpts from the poet Kostas Kubilinskas’ autobiography and poems. Poetry by Cesar Vallejo and N. Miliauskaite and KGB documents about the destruction of the Dainava Staff as well as fragments from the book “Rašytojas pokario metais“ (A Writer in the Wake of War) are also read in the play.

“The Bunker” is a documentary drama about writer Kostas Skinkis. Torn by inner contradictions, he does not know which way to turn – to be faithful to the Lithuanian partisans fighting in the forests, or to sell himself out to the enemy and betray his friends in order to be able to write poetry. The prototype of Skinkis, a revered poet until recently, Kostas Kubilinskas, whose political betrayal, disclosed after the restoration of Independence, threw his name to oblivion. Citizenship is an essential part of the work: V. V Landsbergis is trying to find out about the fate of his blood brother who found himself in such a complicated historical situation.

For the first time, “The Bunker” was presented to the audience in the autumn of 2005, during the readings of the National Drama Festival “Versmė”. The play – its finished stage version – shows that people look for their past and identity all their lives. While the play may seem exotic to the young people of today, the thoughts and words of its characters reiterate textbook truths and fill them with human content. 


  • Director — Vytautas V. LANDSBERGIS
  • Designer — Ramunė SKREBŪNAITĖ



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