Elzė Gudavičiūtė born 1984-11-18 in Vilnius.


Studies and workplaces


2011 graduated in acting from Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (course director Gintaras Varnas)

From 2013 Art PhD student in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.


From 2007 works in various theatres of Lithuania: Kaunas National Drama Theatre, Vilnius Theatre “Lėlė“, Arts Printing House, Youth Theatre, “Keistuoliai“ theatre, theatre “Utopia“, “No Teatre“, also works in cinema and TV.


From 2013 is Lithuanian National Drama Theatre actress.


Played plenty roles, most important of which are:


2008               Theatre guard Vida, Zylė. Gintaras Varnas. “Decalogue“, director. Gintaras Varnas.

2010              Juliette, the second lady. Federico Garcia Lorca. “The Public“, director Gintaras Varnas.

2011              Olga. Marius Ivaškevičius. “Expulsion“, director Oskaras Koršunovas.

2012              Marla Singer. Chuck Palahniuk. “Fight Club“, director Vidas Bareikis.

2013    Bacchae. Euripides. “The Bacchae“, director Gintaras Varnas.

2013              Dani. Ewald Palmetshofer. “Hamlet is Dead. No Gravity“, director Paulius Ignatavičius.

2013              Daisy St. Patience. Chuck Palahniuk. „Invisible Monsters“, director Vidas Bareikis.

2014              Olga. Francis Veber. „Die Selbstanzeige“, director Thomas Schendel.

2014              Elzė. Jānis Balodis, Goda Dapšytė. “Baricades“, director Valteris Sīlis.

2016              Mara. Paul Claudel. “The Tidings Brought to Mary“, director Jonas Vaitkus.

2020              Delpfin, Frank Berton assistant. Laurynas


Created a few dozens roles in TV and cinema.