Rimantas Bagdzevičius born 1954-04-13 in Vilnius.


Studies and workplaces


1972-1976 studied in Lithuanian State Conservatory (Now – Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy), Acting Cathedral (course director Henrikas Vancevičius).

From 1976 worked in Kaunas State Academic Drama Theatre.
From 1995 is Lithuanian National Drama Theatre actor.


Played plenty roles, most important of which:


1990   Leonid Andrejevic Galin. Anton Cechov. “Cherry Orchard“, director Rimas Tuminas.

1995   Prosecutor. Alber Camus. “Stranger“, director Gintaras Varnas.

1998   Choir. Sophocles. “Oedipus the King“, director Rimas Tuminas.

1999   Duke of Buckingham. William Shakespeare. “Richard the Third“, director Rimas Tuminas.

2001   Jack. Brian Friel. “Dances of Lugnazad Celebration“, director Gytis Padegimas.

2003   Charles Bovari. Gustave Flaubert. “Madam Bovari“, director Jonas Vaitkus.

2005   Lembke. Fyodor Dostojevskij. “Demons“, director Jonas Vaitkus.

2007   Father. Lukas Bärfuss. “The Sexual Neuroses of our Parents“, director Ramunė Kudzmanaitė.

2011   Printing Man Aslaksen. Henrik Ibsen. “An Enemy of the People“, director Jonas Vaitkus.

2012   Town Dweller; Rebel. Justinas Marcinkevičius. “Cathedral“, director Oskaras Koršunovas.

2020   The Farrier.  August Strindberg. “The Great Highway“, director Jonas Vaitkus



Created a few dozens roles in cinema and TV.