Based on an essay by David Foster Wallace. CONSIDER THE LOBSTER Premiere

  • Director

    Yana ROSS

  • Duration

    1 h 30 min (one act)

  • Stage

    Small Stage

  • Premiere date

    21st September, 2023

  • N-16, language of violence and animal torture themes are being used in the show



Yana Ross, who has rarely staged performances in Lithuania and who is ending her tenure as director of the Zurich Theater (Schauspielhaus Zürich) with seven other artists, will invite the audience to the premiere in the Small Hall of the LNDT in September.

For this new production, Yana Ross has chosen the essay "Consider the Lobster" by the American writer David Foster Wallace (1962–2008), who fundamentally questions human nature. In his texts, Wallace tackles some of the most sensitive and uncomfortable issues of contemporary society: empathy, child-rearing, intimacy, miscommunication, and the end of anthropocentrism.

"We hope to encourage viewers to rethink their own ethical and moral codes and values, and at the same time draw attention to the socially acceptable grey areas that we intend to question. Susan Sontag's important book "Regarding the Pain of Others" was also very helpful in the development of the play," says Yana Ross.

"I confess that I have never understood why so many people associate a fun holiday with flip-flops and sunglasses and having to squeeze through crazy traffic jams to noisy, hot, crowded tourist spots in order to sample the 'local delicacies' when the very appearance of the tourists essentially ruins the whole concept. For me, to be a mass tourist is to become the purest American of today – an ignorant stranger, greedy for what he cannot have and frustrated by what he cannot admit to himself", writes D.F. Wallace.



© 2006 by David Foster Wallace



© 1999 by David Foster Wallace


  • June 21 (Fri), 19:30 Small Stage
  • September 25 (Wed), 19:30 Small Stage
  • September 26 (Thu), 19:30 Small Stage
  • October 13 (Sun), 18:00 Small Stage

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  • Director — Yana ROSS
  • Set and costume designer — Zane PIHLSTROM
  • Composer — punk after kant
  • Light Designer — Dainius URBONIS
  • Creative Director's Assistant — Naubertas JASINSKAS
  • Costume Designer's Assistant — Pijus DULSKIS
  • Translator — Ignas BEITSAS
  • Director's Assistant — Rokas LAŽAUNYKAS
  • Producer — Kamilė ŽIČKYTĖ



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