Martin Bellemare. FREEDOM

  • Director

    Dainius GAVENONIS

  • Duration

    1 h 30 min

  • Stage

    Small Stage

  • Premiere date

    26th September, 2021

  • N-14


Translated from the French by Akvilė Melkūnaitė


Do we have the right to change a loved one’s decision if they choose death?

The contemporary play by Martin Bellemare, a Canadian, tells the story of an orderly, ecological, and structured society that grants and legalises the right of its citizens to decide when and how they want to end their lives.

The play is set in a family the members of which are tolerant of each other, respect each other’s choices, and do not restrict each other’s freedom. In this case, the family unit is a reflection of society.

Bellemare’s plays have been staged in public in France, Canada, and Germany. The playwright’s creative biography includes about ten plays. Freedom, which for the first time was shown to Lithuanian theatre audiences and foreign experts during the Sirens 2021 International Theatre Festival, is the best known of them.


Producer                           DARBININKAI

Co-producer                     OKT/Vilnius City Theatre

Production was partially funded by The Lithuanian Council for Culture 

Sponsors: Vilnius City Municipality, LATGA, VAGA, Clear Chanel, Diogenes.



  • May 02 (Thu), 19:30 Small Stage

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  • Director — Dainius GAVENONIS
  • Set Designer — Dainius LIŠKEVIČIUS
  • Composer — Dominykas DIGIMAS
  • Video Designer — Aurelija MAKNYTĖ
  • Costume Designer — Gerūta NAVICKAITĖ
  • Light designer — Eugenijus SABALIAUSKAS
  • Director's Assistant — Bartė LIAGAITĖ



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