Joanna Bednarczyk. RESPUBLIKA Premiere

  • Director


  • Duration

    6 h.

  • Stage

    Vilnius Film Cluster (Meistrų st. 12C, Vilnius)

  • Premiere date

    3rd September, 2020

  • N-18. The performance features flash lights and loud sound.


Human history puts big ideas at the test all the time. It seems that current foundation of ideas and social and political narrations is not pertinent anymore. Watching inequalities to increase, democracies to crumble, reshuffles in power structures and the threat of climate disaster, more and more people realize that the current legislation and practices are nothing more but chaos and injustice.

“Respublica” is an artistic project in which artists test the idea of basic income. What happens if we redefine the concept of work? Is work defined only as the activity that aims to increase GDP and is rewarded by salary? Or is there more to it?

Participants of the project had their basic income guaranteed and were required to create a kind of commune that functions off the grid – outside of our regular social and economic structures. They explored work opportunities that do not conform to the common understanding of a 40-hour-per-week labour. It soon became apparent that what occupied and united the participants, was dance and music. Does making music and dancing outside the framework set by the enterntainment industry have a wider, existential meaning?

5 years later when the surrounding reality had become more and more problematic and the danger of total decay had enhanced, they tried to revive their small experiment from the past. Something had happened during their stay together that convinced them that the experiment which had been triggered by the idea of basic income could be a response to more complex issues.

Does the experience that cannot be quantified and evaluated in monetary terms have any value? Does the elusive bond between music, dance and resistance known in the past correspond to today's times? Can music and dance empower a scared and worried human being the way rituals can? Make humans less helpless? More responsible? Sensitive? Can the idea of republic and its components exceed political structures and gain new, existential meaning?

"Respublika" is a new theatrical experience in space and time, directed by Łukasz Twarkowski, the creator of "Lokis", which has won four "Golden Stage Crosses" – national Lithuanian theatre awards. The creative team is a truly international team, some of the members having previously worked on the “Lokis” show. „Respublika“ is co-prodused with The Munich Kammerspiele theatre, with the company actor Komi Togbonou taking part in the performance.

The creators invite viewers to a large space of the Vilnius Film Cluster, where everyone will be able to feel part of the community. The loose structure of the theatrical event will provide an opportunity to stay in a closed community, where stories, food and even a sauna can be shared. The level of involvement will depend on the audience themselves – they will have the freedom to take an active part in the events or simply observe the performance. It is an immersive durational theatre experience that will last for 6 hours.


N-18. The performance is in Lithuanian and English with English and Lithuanian surtitles. The performance features flash lights and loud sound.


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  • Director — Łukasz TWARKOWSKI
  • Playwright — Joanna BEDNARCZYK
  • Set designer — Fabien LÉDÉ
  • Video Designers — Karol RAKOWSKI, Adomas GUSTAINIS
  • Choreographer — Paweł SAKOWICZ
  • Composer — Bogumił MISALA
  • Costume Designer — Svenja GASSEN
  • Light Designers — Julius KURŠYS, Dainius URBONIS
  • Stage Operator — Karolis JUKNYS
  • Director's assistant — Eglė ŠVEDKAUSKAITĖ
  • Playwright‘s Assistant — Simona JURKUVĖNAITĖ
  • Set Designer's Assistant — Rokas VALIAUGA
  • Consultant in cinematography — Simonas GLINSKIS
  • Sound Designers — Karolis DRĖMA, Adomas KORENIUKAS
  • Light Operators — Edvardas OSINSKIS, Dainius URBONIS
  • Video Operator — Adomas GUSTAINIS
  • Camera Operators — Šarūnas Liudas PRIŠMONTAS, Naglis Kristijonas ZAKARAS, Rička ŽIGIS
  • Editing Operator — Vytenis KRIŠČIŪNAS
  • Producers — Vidas BIZUNEVIČIUS, Lukrecija GUŽAUSKAITĖ



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